From The Principal

Many things we need in life, can wait, but attention that a child needs, cannot! The biggest privilege in life is to influence a person’s life for the better. As teachers we work with little ones and form them, building into the generations of the future. Time invested into a child’s life is never wasted!

Our aim is to develop every child holistically. The physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual part of each child gets the opportunity to develop, at their own pace, in a secure environment, where there is support, stimulation and acceptance.

Our staff, teachers and assistants, are encouraging children to solve problems, stimulate creativity, and help to develop a better self-esteem, independence, confidence and to let them experience humour. Our staff is well experienced and caring. We work together as a team.

We also believe that the interaction between staff, parent and child must be healthy and build relationships of trust and loyalty. We see every child as a unique and special person that needs to be formed by family, school and friends. Their future starts with us


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